“When he worked, he really worked. But when he played, he really PLAYED.”

~ Dr. Seuss

Workshops; Fun Raising


Fun raising is beneficial for cultivating and sustaining relationships, the key to building a strong personal and professional  network is often shared learning experiences.

Journey of Eight develops workshops centered around self improvement, cultural education, technical knowledge, health, personal/professional development and they are all fun focused.

  1. Workshop are lead by subject matter experts and guest speakers.
  2. Workshops range from 1 hour to 2 day sessions.
  3. Workshop services are designed as a critical component of evidence based sustainable development.
  4. Many of our workshops provide CPE (certified professional education) credits.
  5. All workshops are designed to be engaging interactive experiences!

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JOE Workshops are hosted in collaboration with community partners, non-profits and businesses available throughout Winter Park/Orlando FL, Asheville NC, Atlanta/Madison GA and Charleston SC.


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#iamperfection – Increasing Self Worth

Creating a Travel Experience – Soulful Travel

Workshop Calendar

Spring 2018

Balance – Strategies for Successful Women

This workshop brings together like-minded women of various ages and stages in life to commune and learn from one another how to navigate life challenges of balance; personal and professional. Our leading expert is personal trainer and coach Amy Joy with The Next Leaf. Through active participation, women experience hands on strategy and tools for improving personal and professional out comes.

Summer 2017

Destination Happiness; Soulful travel

Meet like minded travelers who put heart and soul into experiences. This workshop will bring together experts who design destination experiences and have traveled the world.

In 2017 our soulful travel supports Orlando Opera and includes a journey to The Puccini Festival. This glorious festival is held in the village and on the original grounds of Puccini’s home in Torre del Lago, Italy

This is for the person with wanderlust who dreams of a life filled with adventure.

Fall 2017

Creating a culture of philanthropy; donation, innovation, and earned income

This highly effective workshop is offered to non-profit clients as a custom 1 or 2 day interactive training and strategy session. This workshop is recommended for board of director development and recruitment. Various segments are designed for staff, key stakeholders, community partners, and or volunteers. CPE credits are offered for specific executive staff and board director segments.

Fall 2018

Je Suis L’Art

A Study in Social Entrepreneurship

This workshop focuses on development and methodology of social entrepreneurship in the local community. This workshop brings together a variety of community partners culminating in a class project that raises awareness and funds for cultural growth initiatives.

Originally designed for UCF Department of Modern Languages this workshop is dedicated to arts and cultural heritage and includes education of terms and language specific to the origins of various forms of cultural arts.


Every Workshop is designed to provide powerful methodology for personal growth! If your organization, association or group seeks to offer an effective workshop we can help, contact JOE today!

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“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs

and developing our wings

on the way down.”

― Kurt Vonnegut


Journey of Eight is a valuable Development resource for organizations, businesses and individuals; providing creative strategy and initiatives that generate meaningful results.

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