My need to write began the moment I could hold a crayon. Pictures and words felt intertwined and visual experiences for me needed narrative, a story line. Writing over time took on may forms, mainly technical, and professional. Trust me no matter what content I wrote my ability to find and tell a story was very much the key to a since of fulfilment!

The important thing is every woman has a story they need to write, because of how your life will be enhanced. Here’s why:

Boost your spirituality.  I once thought spirituality was intimately connected to a religion. It took time for me to identify a personal since of self, my spirituality was deeply routed in nature, something that has developed into skill and knowledge allowing me to open passages for story telling that come only with years of experience.  No matter what you write about, the very act of writing forces you to examine your thinking, your conclusions, research, ponder, and ultimately find your passion. However you proceed, you are investigating your own paradigms. In the end, you’ll discover clarification about who you are, what your life is about, and what you hold precious. You might even end up on a retreat or in a class sharing those very ideas with others.

Clarify your self awareness. Writing helps you sort through the hatred, the love, and the muddle, life is messy, and vague. It is not unusual to say “I’m just not sure” yet it never feels good to be unclear about a since of identity. Those “I’m not sure” moments are Life’s invitation to get clear within yourself so that you can return to a state of harmony. Writing can help organize our brain to think in bullet points about a topic and before you know it; you’ll have lists and lists of wonderful insight and perspective about lots of topics. Keep a journal of that mental sorting. This is your story in the making.

Master breathing past the challenges. Speaking about self awareness, challenges are a forgone conclusion in life and how you respond to them makes all the difference. In the process of life itself, writing down your reasoning, meditating on breath, strengthens your ability to reason, adds clarity to your verbalization, and strengthens your sense of Self. Don’t stand back and allow others to place you in beige square holes. Your sparkling points of view are as valid as anyone else’s, actually more valid in terms of idea’s. While you are courageously voicing your thoughts, others will appreciate your strength and see you as genuine, real, awesome. Life challenges us all, but those who understand themselves, breath easier. Writing reinforces mindfulness.

Bond with other female writers. Attended a women’s writing retreat. Over the year’s Journey Of Eight retreats have largely been about women empowering themselves. Bonding with other women, learning to take risks, bravely traveling away from the familiar, and often this leads to discovering a sisterhood. Expression comes from a place of vulnerability for women. Storytelling is routed in the female DNA as a passive way of exploring our fears, testing our power, and expressing our pain.

Validate the female position. It is the writing of woman which connects us to something in common and in difference, to realize we can do more and become more. Every girlfriend I know values reading and sharing stories from the female perspective, women need validation, don’t you? I think it’s important to share these insights with other woman and validate the bonds of sisterhood. There is a uniqueness of individuality and sharing our stories empowers us to value individuality and spirit, we give each other strength to be ourselves. Might as well sprinkle your personal glamorous glitter all around liberally because it IS very valuable – and every woman has her own special color and shine. Women appreciate and validate women’s individuality.

You owe it to yourself drill down, find your story, write. In our quest to unfold the details of Self and through conscious recognition, we enjoy the process. I know of no other way to be as disciplined about a process of self discovery than through writing. The story you need to write is inside you and longs to be shared.

If you tell your stories, you can move on with your life. If you don’t, they’re stuck inside you. It’s in the telling that both you and the reader are benefitted.