Philanthropy Inspired

Philanthropy Inspired


In the competitive world of Museum and Performing Arts it is critical that Ambassadors, Trustees and Board Members understand the relevance of mission, vision, value, innovation versus duplication and redundancy. Education and collective understanding lead to intellectual rewards, better investments and greater commitment levels.

In the current nonprofit world Board Members are increasingly expected to be the most active fundraising collective in the organization. Staff supports the Boards ability to play rainmakers. Funding acquired through State and Federal resources are extremely unreliable, unsustainable and competitive. Critical advancement requires financial planning and strategic planning. The Board Member must be prepared for the responsibility and commitment.

Ambassadors and Trustees making financial commitments not only are attracted based on relationship development and peer to peer network but also based on education, personal growth and passion. Neglecting the educational and social needs of these financial investors is quickly becoming non-competitive.

Research conducted by the Americans for the Arts provided insight into effective Board, Trustee and Ambassador expectations. The surveys also provide specific insight as to who is the most likely to give funding and the expectations of patrons associated to experience. The greatest innovation in accelerating and attracting individual giving was based on providing public access, collaborative arts experiences and the ability to educate through experiential learning; Travel Opportunity and Sponsored Travel associated with social media ambassadors. In the case of most funds raised by Trustees and Board Members it included; Educational Experience, Field Studies, International Cultural Partnerships, Educational Retreats.


“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt  purpose

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on popularity of thematic programs as a trend for philanthropy minded individuals interested in the Arts. Critical learning and passion comes from collective experiences and the momentum of pledging to the cause is all the more fun based on becoming an knowledgeable expert.

Recent press in both the Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin points to a trend in global programs of integrating team-based projects in the program, something we have witnessed ourselves.

There are limitless possibilities that project work experiences can bring to the participant individually and to the group as a whole. We have found that mixing group visits with one to two days of small group project work enables the program to have a common set of experiences while allowing participants to engage in real-world operations with a local Arts Organization. Sharing the results of these practical experiences allow participants to learn firsthand about the history, cultural heritage and challenges of thriving Arts and global diverse culture in a another state or country.


The most astute organizations will find ways to offer experience, retreats, education and ultimately a rewarding valuable experience to major donors. These innovative methods of generating patrons will advance and become the gold standard  for capturing the passionate audience of Millennials who live life based on following passion and seeking intrinsic personal rewards in everything they do.


Inspire and cultivate Philanthropists for long term rewards.


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