New Year, New Strategy

New Year, New Strategy

Word of the day: Communicate



In most non profit organizations executive leadership is often stretched to the max with day to day operations.

Do you ever wonder how often Executive Directors and Executive Board Committee’s take time to review strategic plans? Measuring with some accuracy the effectiveness and successful tracking of these plans? How often are organizations using info graphs to communicate with key stakeholders? The answer, not often enough.

Welcome to the new year and ever critical self evaluation time for getting things functionally and organizationally on track. More importantly communicate with your donors and key stakeholders, provide a simple informational graphic. Nothing fancy, a simple set of measures sharing some good news and areas needing increased support.

Staff levels

Event Attendance Goals

New Community Partnerships

Program Numbers

Grant Awards or Applications

This is a sample of what JOE produced for one of our smallest clients (a staff of 4 and less than 500k annual revenues). This info graph became a wonderfully effective communication tool that enabled the organization to increase donations and cultivate new relationships.

Tool kits for effective management and marketing should always include pieces that are effective, easy to update, measure and report. The main thing is…communicate early in the calendar year and remember this is a work in progress.

And remember…never fear JOE is near. Connect and let the JOE team create something useful…happy New Year!

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