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Jacqueline Carey

Museum Consultancy

Dedicated experts with hands on experience guiding, training and preforming critical team work needed to advance sustainable initiatives for all scale of Museums.


“Our passion is to advance the mission of those organizations contributing to advancing Humanity through Art”

 Journey of Eight brings together unique and highly qualified experts in nonprofit sector consultancy associated with advancing Museums.

Our team members have been leaders in providing a full range of services to Museums, Performing Arts and Cultural Centers with a focus on comprehensive market research and audience engagement globally for over 40 years. Key members of the JOE team work collaboratively on various custom service offerings. Our team of experts provides clients with the resources to advance financial and mission centric goals.

The scope of services offered include;

  • Strategic Planning
  • Institutional Planning
  • Financial Development Assessments
  • Business Planning for Earned Income
  • Feasibility and Capital Campaign Management
  • Endowment Campaign Management
  • Capacity Building
  • Test Market Research
  • Board Development Retreats and Workshops
  • Grant and Funding Services
  • Contract Executive Management
  • Development Strategy Workshops for Executives

The development of an audience tested strategic plan that includes a funding process for each goal is at the core of  JOE’s collaborative offerings.

The strategic vision for any organization, when tested among audiences considered vital, will lead to the nonprofit organization’s advancement.

The outcome our Strategic Planning services provide: A compatible plan clearly identifying best practices and supported by audiences that are the most likely to contribute their time, energy and funding.

The services developed for our clients enhance management, cost control, and fundraising performance in any economy.

Our team of consultants are experienced with a broad scale and scope of Museum projects

Our consultancy resources have been invited to lecture at conferences that today included the American Association of Museums, PBS/NPR, Florida Association of Museums, National Association of United Arts Organizations, Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center-Rollins College, Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations and others.

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Journey of Eight is a valuable Development resource for organizations, businesses and individuals; providing creative strategy and initiatives that generate meaningful results.


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