Who is JOE ?


Creative Director Development Initiatives

Mel is a cross functional creative business executive, MBA, CFRE,  grew up living all over the world. Mel’s professional background includes executive leadership, strategic planning, management, coaching, relationship development, marketing, human resources and talent acquisition. Mel has direct expertise with non-profit executive leadership, development, training, project management and grant writing since 2008. Mel is analytical and creative; writing, designing, developing and implementing  innovative highly functional workshops and curriculums.

JOE’s founder and creative designer for The Paris Journey, a cultural arts education and travel experience. Mel has passion for all things Parisian! A wonderful artist and photographer her images are found in the Gallery. Check out some of her articles on JOE’Adore Paris Blog.

Contact via email; mel@journeyofeight.com

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous…that’s our Mel!

Mel’s Skills

  • Culture 95%
  • Arts 80%
  • Travel 95%


Brand Development and Marketing Director

Genevieve is an analytical artist adventurer with a knack for brand development and keen eye for creative design.  Nurturing a passion for travel; Genevieve is the founder of a web-based female focused travel and adventure brand, called “Lady Adventures“. Developing her own brand came easy, as Genevieve has been successfully developing brands and products, as well as orchestrating brand marketing events for an array of clients.

Genevieve works on a contract basis with JOE clients and is available for both short and long term projects. She is innovative, creative and flexible. Offering clients a reliable resource for advancing and creating brand development initiatives. Genevieve is a graduate of UCF in Marketing and Brand Development.

JOE adores this Adventurer and Genevieve is our lead director and partner for the Paris Journey! She is JOE’s inspirational free spirit! email: genevieve@journeyofeight.com

We like to think of Genevieve as the resident Mermaid.


Genevieve’s Skills

  • Cultural Goddess 85%
  • Creativity 90%
  • Adventure 95%


Event Coordinator

Joy is an expert at the art of planning rewarding Events! A working Actor, Event Planner and Social Media Professional. Joy is the “go to” JOE member for Event Planning and Coordination! Joy is well traveled, knowledgeable in areas of food and wine, a little bit of a perfectionist (just saying), and its a good thing! Someone has to pay attention to all the details.

Joy is great at project coordination and volunteer recruitment. She is our lead supervisor for interns, is a great mentor with attention to details. Our very own “girl next door”, the person to ask when you need a sounding board. Incredibly practical and meticulous. Joy is also goofy enough to put up with the shenanigans of the JOE culture!

Contact Joy via email: joy@journeyofeight.com

A grounded yet totally cool party girl!

Joy’s Skills

  • Travel 70%
  • Social Media 80%
  • Performance Arts 95%


Executive Recruiter

Dave is a talented recruiter and focuses his time on retained executive level talent acquisition. After spending 12 years in executive leadership; Dave provides a high quality service with personal attention on clients critical needs. Originally from Maryland, Dave relocated to Florida in 2000. Dave is dedicated to his family, enjoys travel, an athletic outdoor lifestyle and especially time with his adorable Wheaton Terrier; Taffy!

P.S. Taffy has Dave wrapped around her little paw!

Dave’s Skills

  • Customer Service 100%
  • Travel 70%
  • Devoted Dog Lover 100%


Museum Specialist 

“Increasingly, the curatorial role is focused on audience engagement and collaboration, rather than specialized knowledge.”  according to ArtFWD. JOE’s Museum Consultancy depends on successful advisory services that result in increased participation and support. Coralie has over 15 years of experience with museums, galleries and private collectors. She provides assistance strategically with research and assists executive directors to educate boards and stakeholders on critical collection guidelines and programmatic opportunity.

Coralie…is pure grace and style.

Coralie’s Skills

  • Art Collecting 89%
  • Research 100%
  • Coffee Connoisseur 70%


Event Coordinator, Social Media Manager, Blog Writer and Travel Host

Stephanie is  “JOE’Adored” with a thirst for adventure and a desire to share…literally she is a social media guru! JOE team completely adores this about her…she is our go to on all things trendy and hip!

A graduate from Rollins College she holds a degree in International Business with a double minor in Sustainable Development and Economics. She has a passion for the environment and world travel. Stephanie speaks French and English beautifully and is one of our French interpreters. She coordinates all educational workshops, retreats, conferences and Paris Journey events.

Most recently Stephanie is expanding her education by working on certifications in Grant Writing and Development Strategies. WAY TO GO Stephanie!!

Reach this budding star at: stephanie@journeyofeight.com

 Stephanie’s sidekick…Humphrey; a tricolor Australian Shepard mix…arguably the most awesome dog we know!

Stevie’s Skills

  • Adventure 80%
  • Worldly and Wise 85%
  • Customer Care 99%


CEO (Chief Encouragement Orchestrator)

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” JOE’s mascot and favorite team leader. Fearless protector and admirer of all we do! While an English gentleman through and through; Arthur has a love of all things French! He speaks many languages but prefers Le Français! Such a worldly fellow, when in doubt…ask Arthur! To reach Arthur, email woof@journeyofeight.com

JOE Adores Arthur…sensible with a great big heart.

Arthur’s Skills

  • Customer Happiness 80%
  • Barking 30%
  • Tail Wagging 85%

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