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Wine with Wonder; the Bistro a Vin

I think at some point walking around Paris everyone starts to day dream about a life in the City of Light. As I stroll through the familiar warmth of a special bistro a vin, my dreams turn to thoughts of sipping wine with locals. Since my first visit to France, I have known that in my fantasy I would own a bistro a vin.

Creating a Travel Experience – The Paris Journey

Creating a travel experience, this is my story for The Paris Journey…
In 2012 The Paris Journey began with a group of women traveling together to Paris for cultural growth, good company and inspiration. It was “soulful travel”…and the long term results for those who made the journey have been life affirming and changing.

 The Paris Journey…a travel experience

JOE travels to Paris in search of wonders to share!

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63rd Annual Festival Puccini

“Inspiration is an awakening, a quickening of all man’s faculties, and it is manifested in all high artistic achievements.”
― Giacomo Puccini


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A Rollins College Graduate and experienced field reporter in the areas of Travel and Culinary Arts.  Stephanie started with JOE as a college intern and is now our part time blogger and social media coordinator. Check out all of Stephanie’s musings and read up on thoughts about current culture, trends and travel!


Mel spends free time bouncing around the world. Full of insight and experience. Paris is her birthplace and one of her favorite cities. Mel believes journey’s that fill the soul with diverse experiences and ultimately great photographs. Mel’s articles and photography have been featured in Travel, La Palme Magazine, Orange Appeal and Wandering Women.


Arthur has a simple philosophy; “give yourself over completely to being just you”.  Arthur offers humorous insight on all things simple and soulful! Currently collaborating on a book;  ‘The Life and Adventures of a not so Small dog’.  Look for musings on our blog; enjoy…and wag your tail!

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