“When you loose sight of your path, listen for the

destination in your heart.”

Katsura Hoshino

Destinations, inspirations 

Choosing a destination away from daily distractions is essential for creative writing, it allows focus, also freedom to explore our depth and curiosity.”

– Mel Miller, Creative Director, Journey Of Eight

JOE  carefully crafts creative writing retreats centered around self improvement, cultural education, technical knowledge, health, personal/professional development and they are all a lot of FUN.

8 things you should know about JOE creative writing retreats:

  1.  Retreats are lead by subject matter experts and various guest speakers.
  2. Learning sessions range from 1 hour to 3 hour in duration.
  3. Retreat services are designed as a critical component of evidence based creative writing skill development.
  4. Many of our retreats provide CPE (certified professional education) credits.
  5.  Retreats are uniquely priced based on location, venue, materials and other variables.
  6. All retreats are designed to be engaging interactive experiences!
  7.  Each venue offers other relevant pursuits such as photography, culinary, local arts, natural settings.
  8.  Time is given daily for concentrated, intensive periods of writing practice.

Contact JOE today and chat about your destination of interest. 888-791-9916

candelLEARN a little MORE…

JOE Retreats are hosted in collaboration with destination venues and local community partners. All retreats are designed for 8 women staying together in single or double room accommodations for a total of  8 days. Most retreats result in development of one short story per person; 8 stories.

Retreats are held at various locations in the US including: Winter Park FL, Asheville NC, Charleston SC, Santa Fe NM, Aspen CO, Napa CA, Carmel CA, Squaw Valley CA, Yosemite Valley CA, Encinitas CA, New Hope PA, Stockbridge MA.

JOE event planners select locations one year in advance. All fees include accommodation, daily breakfast, materials, 4 luncheons, 2-3 excursions, and welcome reception. A deposit of 50% is due at time of booking and deadlines for remaining fees are 3 months prior to travel. If you are interested in attending sessions only, contact us for pricing.

JOE programs sell out quickly. Should space be sold a wait list is available in the event of cancellations. 

Learn more about The Paris Journey – A Novel Idea. A select group of women share an apartment in Paris  for 8 days and immerse themselves in writing, the goal is to advance work on inspired novels. The cost of this trip is based on shared expenses and a concierge fee.


Retreat Calendar

Spring April 2020,  Asheville NC 

Interesting Characters – developing fictional characters 

This retreat brings together like-minded women of various ages and stages in life to commune and learn from one another how to create and write fictional characters. Through active participation our writing sessions help women experience strategy and tools for cultivating characters and writing dialog.

$6500/person (all inclusive*)

Summer July 2020, Santa Fe NM

Destination Happiness; Soulful travel and Short Stories

Meet like minded travelers who put heart and soul into experiences. This workshop will bring together experts who write about travel experiences and have traveled the world.

This is for the woman with wanderlust who dreams of writing fictional stories filled with adventure.

$6800/person (all inclusive*)

Fall October 2020, Stockbridge MA

Creating Supernatural Stories 

This highly effective retreat is based in a landscape of inspiration and mystery. This retreat is recommended for those who love the supernatural or seek to write about the paranormal. Various sessions are designed for verbal storytelling and shared story creation. This retreat is great fun for those who fancy a good fright. Several field trips are included and not for the faint of heart.

$6800/person (all inclusive*)

Fall September 2020, Paris FR

The Paris Journey – A Novel Idea

This retreat is a novel writing immersion and is only open to those who have attended at least one JOE retreat.

This retreat is specifically for women who seek to immerse themselves in writing while in Paris, sharing an apartment and travel with other motivated writers.

Prices based on number attending, contact us for details.

*pricing includes; accommodation, meals, speakers, sessions, and excursions. Contact us if your interested is in attending retreat sessions only.


JOE creative writing retreats are designed to provide women powerful methodology for personal growth! If you have a story to tell and seek time, motivation, inspiration…contact JOE today!

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We look forward to seeing you soon!

“You may not know

where you’re going,

but you know that so

long as you spread

your wings, the

winds will carry


― C. JoyBell C.



Discover your story and then with all your heart give yourself to it.

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