“Celebrate yourself. You are unique!”

― Izey Victoria Odiase 

Art of gathering, a JOE celebration


JOE knows how to throw a party!

Our retreat celebrations are at or near the writing retreat venue location. Usually held in a unique space with food, drink, and entertainment. 

We encourage those who attend our retreats to invite friends, loved ones, family, to join them for this celebration. Each retreat guest may invite up to 2 additional people. 

Costs are per person and charged in addition to the retreat.

While certainly not mandatory we encourage attendance. These are not to be missed experiences. AND SO MUCH FUN!

As nurturers, women share experiences and emotions with those they love. It is an important element to our retreats…embracing growth, and celebrating together while everything is fresh in mind

Pricing is included with retreat cost details. Contact us with all questions.


JOE destination event design:

Fundraisers and Private Parties

  • A Masquerade Ball since 2012… We design and curate masked balls. We work with one new client each year for this exceptional offering. Our crafted and unique planning services have combined local music and theater companies, curated props, and secured amazing venues. Artistic vision, resourcefulness and experienced negotiation combine to bring together a completely unique event.

Educational conferences and gatherings

  • NASSCFL (North American Society for Seventeenth Century French Literature) 2016/2017/2018 Conference hosted by Colleges and Universities around the globe. These international highly prestigious academic conferences are designed to engage not only the academic community but the local and cultural community. Special events included a banquet, dinners, entertainment, cocktail receptions, and various artistically curated gatherings.

Destination Travel Experiences

  • Hosting and planning global destination events from 2010-2018, for individuals seeking cultural immersion travel experiences. Designed for those interested in personal travel for special celebrations, writing workshops, photography classes, fine art collecting, culinary training, classical music and ballet. These experiences were curated based on desires and interests of those attending. 

Private Promotional Events

  • Celebrity author book launch’s since 2010… book launch and book signing, themed luncheons, and cocktail parties around the country. This creative project works with colleges, book merchants, clubs, and private collectors.

JOE has worked with all sorts of special events and gatherings.

We have expertise, and passion for all we do. 


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