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Discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.

We are a development resource that enable clients and participants to engage in rewarding experiences. Our initiatives offer enrichment, self discovery, philanthropy and fun.


Paris is Always a Good Idea

The Paris Journey is about self discovery, cultural growth and heritage. Expanding depth and value in your life and community. Supporting youth in the performing arts through the Orlando Ballet School. Find yourself, in Paris.


We want others to look at us and see that we care not just about ourselves but about others

All of our services are highly effective for seeking self improvement, making new friendships, developing community, personal and cultural growth while having lots of fun. 

Experience your World

Journey of Eight believes that an excellent way to raise cultural awareness is to travel to destinations that serve as a “gold standard”. That experience is the essential teacher.

Many of our service offerings focus on travel as a way of creating awareness within our own cultural community.

The Paris Journey and Maiden Expeditions are both unique ways to journey out with like minded friends, cultivating knowledge growth and adventure while giving back through the philanthropy efforts of our sponsors and travel service providers.

Heart, soul and care for others is our way…Journey of Eight.


Development Services

Journey of Eight is a consortium of highly skilled professionals who collectively offer a full range of development services to help your organization, business and personal dreams flourish. We believe that every connection can have a positive impact or serve a valuable community purpose.

Our clients seek creative and dynamic plans that bring long term sustainable benefits. New friends and like minded organizations coming together for mutual benefit. Journey of Eight believes this is essential to every development strategy.

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Journey of Eight is a valuable Development resource for organizations, businesses and individuals; developing creative strategy and initiatives that generate meaningful results.

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