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Discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.

We are a development consulting resource that enable clients and participants to engage in rewarding experiences. Our initiatives cultivate enrichment, self discovery, philanthropy and fun.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

– Edgar Degas


Invested in the Performing Arts

The Performing Arts is about entertainment, passion, discovery, beauty, inspiration and pleasure. The economic value of a community is largely measured by access to Theatre, Dance, Opera, Music and more. We strive to see these Arts thrive and provide expert consultancy in fundamental sustainable business planning and practice for The Arts.

“Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the Artist is the only person who is never serious”

– Oscar Wilde


We want others to look at us and see that we care, not just about ourselves but about others

All of our services are highly effective for organizations seeking improvement, cultivating critical relationships, sustaining development, offering personal and cultural growth. We are dedicated to being a unique resource for clients, colleagues, friends and communities.

“creativity takes courage.”

– Henry Matisse

Experience your World

Journey of Eight believes that an excellent way to raise cultural awareness is engage the community in active participation; cultivating, donors and audiences.

Research shows experience is the essential teacher and shared knowledge leads to success. 

Creative, grass roots client engagement is well documented as highly effective, Journey of Eight facilitates this effectively and with style. Educating and sharing enthusiasm for all that can be achieved within our own cultural community.

JOE’s exclusive service offerings focus on cultivating awareness, collaboration and a commitment to the Cultural Arts.  We primarily achieve this through Market Research, Effective Partnerships, Workshops, Events, Travel Programs and Outreach.

Heart, soul and care for others is our way…Journey of Eight.


Development Services

Journey of Eight is a consulting resource offering highly skilled, experienced, professionals who provide a full range of strategic development services. We achieve success as clients flourish.

Open communication is difficult in the best of circumstances, it requires confidence and trust. Every connection, properly cultivated, may have a positive impact or serve a valuable purpose. JOE conducts hundreds of confidential market research interviews and surveys annually for our clients; the results are always valuable.   

 Every organization is collectively responsible for the education, growth and support of its leadership; achieving this results in best practices and fundamental financial integrity.

Vision, Strategy and Collaboration is our way…Journey of Eight.

Journey of Eight refers to the “Hero’s Journey”; many of our clients experience a journey on the road to organizational success and development.

Following best practice guidelines while customizing services; knowing every journey to be unique and not always  experiencing the same steps or following an identical evolution.

At JOE we advise, consult, facilitate and nurture based on a principle notion that we are embarking on a unique journey with our clients; advancing and rewarding the cultural landscape.

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Journey of Eight is a valuable Development resource for organizations, businesses and individuals; developing creative strategy and initiatives that generate meaningful results.

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