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Discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.

“People make events into stories…yet it is the artistry of telling a great  story that give events meaning.”
― Scarlett Thomas


Seeking to Entertain

A great event is about entertainment, passion, discovery, beauty, inspiration and pleasure.

“There is nothing more magical than gathering an interesting group of people and enjoying good food while appreciating the expansive beauty of our world.”
― Annie Falk


We want others to look at us and see that we care about every detail, not just about aesthetics, we craft experiences

All of our services are uniquely crafted with every element considered, inspired and inspirational. 

“creativity takes courage.”

– Henry Matisse


Journey of Eight crafts and curates destination events.

JOE’s team of globe trotters provide amazing itineraries for groups interested in domestic and international destination experiences.  We achieve success through years of collective experience; Market Research, Effective Partnerships, Workshops, Events, Travel Programs and Outreach.

Heart, soul and care for others is our way…Journey of Eight.


MEL & JOE is a resource offering highly skilled, experienced, hospitality and event planning professionals crafting global wedding, honeymoon and elopement experiences. 

Every event, properly designed, has a positive impact and creates lasting soul filled memories. 

MEL & JOE  work collaboratively with venues, planners, vendors and entertainers crafting unique events that exceed expectations.

Vision, Strategy and Collaboration is our way…Journey of Eight.


Every journey is unique.

At JOE we craft and curate according to our clients vision;

epic, extraordinary, experiences.

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Journey of Eight is a valuable  resource; artistic curators, crafting celebration and destination experiences.

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